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Friday Night Live: WINTER WONDERLAND begins in:


Join us on December 15th for a magical evening at Friday Night Live: Winter Wonderland! ❄️✨ This festive edition brings a cozy, enchanting vibe to our vibrant showcase of Atlanta’s artistic talent.

This special night will feature 15 to 20 artists, each illuminating the stage with 5-minute performances. Expect a heartwarming mix of spoken word, comedy, music, and more, all wrapped in the spirit of the season. The event is split into two captivating 45-minute segments, punctuated by a 15-minute intermission.

From the laughter of our stand-up comics to the melodic tunes of musicians, every act is a celebration of our city’s diverse art scene, now with a delightful winter twist. And let’s not forget our visual artists, whose work will shine like holiday lights throughout the evening.

Tickets are available online for $15, or at the door for $20. Your support helps us cover the costs of these enriching experiences, ensuring our local artists continue to have a platform to shine.

Wrap up in your favorite scarf, grab a hot cocoa, and join us for Friday Night Live: Winter Wonderland. It’s not just an event; it’s a festive gathering of creativity and community. See you in our winter wonderland! 🌟❄️🎤