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Friday Night Live: August Alchemy begins in:


Welcome to “Friday Night Live: August Alchemy,” a mesmerizing evening where the magic of summer transforms into an unforgettable artistic experience. Join us on August 16, 2024, as we celebrate the transformative power of art with some of Atlanta’s most talented creatives in a cozy indoor setting that captures the spirit of a magical late summer evening.

“August Alchemy” is not just an event; it’s a celebration of transformation and the enchanting blend of diverse artistic expressions. Through soulful music, evocative poetry, vibrant comedy, and stunning visual arts, local artists will share their talents, weaving a tapestry of performances that embody the mystical and transformative essence of alchemy. Picture an intimate setting where each performance is a catalyst, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, all enveloped in an ambiance that echoes the golden glow of an August twilight.

Our event is structured into two 45-minute acts, separated by a 15-minute intermission—an ideal time to connect with fellow art enthusiasts, enjoy a refreshing interlude, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of creative transmutation. “Friday Night Live: August Alchemy” promises a night of captivating performances that reflect the profound changes and vibrant energy that late summer brings.

Secure your spot for an evening that promises to enchant your senses with the artistry and imagination of our community. “Friday Night Live: August Alchemy” awaits you—let’s revel in the season of transformation, where the magic of summer artistry unfolds in the comfort of our indoor venue.


Calling all Artists!

Are you an artist interested in performing?

Ready to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary at Friday Night Live: August Alchemy? If you have a talent that thrives on stage, we’re looking for you! From dynamic musicians to enthralling poets, engaging comedians to visionary artists, seize this chance to be part of a truly magical night. Explore the details and apply to perform. Let’s make this August an unforgettable celebration of creativity!