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About FNL

The Beginning

How Friday Night Live Got Started

In Atlanta, three artistic friends - Christie Osterhus, Rohit Surya, and Matthew Krivanek - sought a unique space for creative expression and connection. They envisioned an intimate, artistic gathering, unlike traditional house parties. The goal: create magical, immersive experiences celebrating art and connection.


Christie Osterhus

Actor, Model, Creator

Rohit Surya

Dancer, Musician
Matthew Krivanek headshot

Matthew Krivanek

Entreprenuer, Pianist
July 1, 2022

The First Event

The first Friday Night Live was a hit, with unforgettable performances and attendees from all corners of the Atlanta art scene. The shared experience of art and expression brought people together.

The Venue

Art is in the bones of the home.

Designed by the founder of the rock band, Kansas, Matthew's modern-designed riverside home, with its rich artistic history, became the perfect setting. The space is transformed for the event with colorful lights, art installations, and cozy conversation nooks.

A Blossoming Tradition

Friday Night Live is quickly becoming a cherished tradition in Atlanta's art community. Each quarter, artists gather to share their talents and bask in the vibrant atmosphere as the three friends continue to nurture and celebrate the creative community they brought together.

Thriving Creativity

Fill up your cup. Join us.

Friday Night Live is a testament to the power of creativity, friendship, and the enduring spirit of the Atlanta arts community.